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Trust Pharmacy: Select Your Number One Health Care Provider in Canada and the U.S.

Trust Pharmacy is a reliable and affordable medical supplies dispensary available for customers in the worldwide. With us, you can as soon as possible purchase medical devices and devices with delivery both for the home and for medical institutions of various types, as well as find out all the information you are interested in about the product, features of its use and prices for medical equipment.

As of now, Health is commonly referred to as the term implemented in 1946 by the WHO (World Health Organization) – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being that does not only consist in the absence of illness or infirmity. We, at Trust Pharmacy (TP), consider it from another perspective and strive to assist healthy people too who are willing to preserve that state of complete physical, etc, well-being. Our target is to provide all clients with detailed, and valid information about available tools for boosting their health.

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Generic Viagra is an oral pill available in varied doses that act for up to 8 hours.

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By relying on World Famous Pharmacy, you may also help your organization’s medical team including pharmacists, consultants, dieticians among others access comprehensive training. They may painlessly enrich their proficiency and knowledge, and show you the prolific outcomes.

Trust Pharmacy website
Our website, our products, our services are developed and driven by the desire to meet your expectations.

An invested network
Grouped into a network of 89 pharmacies covering the entire country, our collective purchasing power also allows us to assert our commercial dynamism for the benefit of our customers.

Quality offers and services
Actors in health and prevention, we are proud to contribute to the well-being of our customers every day.

Trust Pharmacy is dedicated to its purpose: to serve customers!

  • Know you better, advise you better, since each client is unique, so are our tips.
  • Provide customers with a friendly welcome, and huge care regarding their expectations, and needs;
  • Provide every person with confidentiality, and protect all their personal data;
  • Delight with innovative approaches, services, and goods toward one’s well-being;
  • Keep in touch with everyone;
  • Provide an opportunity for remote consultations, requests, as well as screenings;
  • Contribute to reasonable pricing only;
  • Deliver exclusive brands alongside tantalizing promotions;
  • Appreciate your loyalty toward us. Learn about the Loyalty program, here;
  • Offer daily new approaches and advantages;
  • Comply with all safety standards of our products, and services to ensure you get the most out of them;
  • Have high proficiency, and dedication only;
  • Have a high level of expertise.
  • Due to continuous desire of learning something new, we provide various services, and consultation in the health circuit;
  • Support of charity groups, and related public health organizations;
  • Our online medical supplies dispensary is always available to offering you services.

Your Prescriptions

To help you save your precious time, we are more than happy to offer you to reserve your medicines. All you have to do after is to come and pick them with one of our pharmacies or choose the delivery straight to your door, how convenient it is for you. In addition, we will be glad to support you with extra associated advice.

  • Write all necessary details to your assigned pharmacist;
  • Proceed with scanning or photographing your prescription and then attach them all to the file;
  • You, in turn, may easily add to the message non-prescription medicines that you want us to reserve as well;
  • We proceed with your order promptly, and notify you when everything is ready for a pickup;
  • You come and pick them on the spot or have them delivered to your door.

Our mission

trust pharmacy websiteSince we follow all established social responsibility and performance principles and are members of the Canadian state system of drug provision, one of our missions is to provide equal access to both US and Canadian residents to high-quality pharmaceutical care, and services. It concerns every resident regardless of their paying capacity and place of residence. Our company all share common goals and values, and we understand that people’s satisfaction is the best feedback. We daily focus on boosting our staff’s knowledge and levels of expertise. We strive to help them in their competency and promote their distance learning with innovative programs including exchange of experience with other accomplished specialists.

World Trust Pharmacy is proud of a huge assortment of medicines, and Canadian pharmacy online products for any paying capacity and purposes. For your convenience, we have also created a quick search for medicines by indicating the name, active ingredients or symptoms. Otherwise, you may find all the medicines and pharmaceutical products in the sections like:

  • New items
  • Medicines (Antibiotics, and etc.)
  • Mom and baby
  • Hygiene and care (including intimate)
  • ED pills
  • Clinical Nutrition / Diet
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Medical devices and devices
  • Caring for bed patients
  • Orthopedics
  • Optics
  • Vitamins
  • You can also book and order medicines and health products using our mobile application.

Our Biggest Advantages

Guarantee of quality

When relying on our assortment of medications, and medical supplies, you may rest assured knowing that each and every product comes with quality assurance from the FDA.

Wide range

We can boast a myriad of pharmaceutical products designed to help you enhance your well-being including cosmetics, medications, vitamins, health supplements, medical supplies, products for mom and baby among others. Our online catalogue enlists over 20,000 items, so no need to seek other providers. If you find that your specific medication is not available with us, please, do not hesitate to contact us via pop-up window online, on the feedback page or by requesting a callback. We would find a solution for your needs.

Nice prices

Without any hesitations, we can say that we are among the leaders in the Canadian pharmaceutical market. Therefore, our responsibility is higher. We are continuously working on making all our prices affordable and accessible to people with different paying capacities. We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical goods which help us negotiate the prices. Alongside this, we are happy to offer you regular promotions, loyalty programs, and numerous discounts that may cheer up many pockets.

Your Appointments

Our pharmacy may be found in many Canadian cities where we offer regular pharmaceutical interviews for monitoring chronic pathologies. We offer three available options:

  • patients on anticoagulants;
  • patients with asthma;
  • medication assessment.

Provant Health is currently offering everyone to receive assistance in the monitoring of their health. Please note, all such appointments come at your expense. If you need more information about them, feel free to contact us. Please, login, and overlook the list of available appointments.

The pharmaceutical interview: the principle

By who? It is ongoing only by a pharmacist or assistant to a pharmacist.

Where? It will happen at the pharmacy in a completely silent and deprived of distractions place where you may feel comfortable. On most occasions, it is ongoing in the pharmacist’s privacy area.

When? Your assigned pharmacist has a calendar where they specify their availability for appointments. You have to only log in to choose the best date possible for you.

How? A pharmacist will ensure:

  • You receive 2 interviews during the first year of treatment. It is enough to understand the level of your pathology and needs. You will be also advised on the best treatment possible taking into consideration your goals, and medical history including medication assessment;
  • From the second year of treatment, you get at least 1 more interview to understand how well you cope with your treatment, as well as at least 2 compliance monitoring.

What tools? A follow-up book will be given to you by a pharmacist:

  • A book involves an agenda of the next meetings;
  • You may keep there all files and documents given by your assigned pharmacist;
  • A calendar where you may learn more about your pharmacist’s availability.

Shared Medication Assessment

The costs of medication errors might be high – these are serious complications, disability, hospitalization, and even death. The purpose of the interview is to help the patient avoid mistakes in treatment, find the right medication and ensure that they are taken correctly. A structured interview allows to analyze the patient’s condition, assess the course of the disease and monitor how the patient adheres to given recommendations.

Who are the affected patients?

Patients eligible for shared medical assessment are:

  • Aged 65 to 74 in long-term illness.
  • Aged 75 and over.
  • A treatment of at least 5 molecules or active ingredients prescribed for a consecutive period, greater than or equal to 6 months.

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