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Trust Pharmacy: Select Your Number One Health Care Provider in Canada and the U.S.

Trust Pharmacy is a reliable medical supplies discounter available for customers in the worldwide. You are granted access to medical devices suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. Find all the bothering information about related products, their types, main perks, as well as prices with our representatives.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being that does not only consist in the absence of illness or infirmity. Definition of health – the World Health Organization, 1946. Attached to the support of sick people, Trust Pharmacy (TP) strives to render a comprehensive assistance to healthy people who wish to preserve their well-being as long as possible; our vocation is to provide our customers with a warm welcome, attentive listening and wise advice every day.

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By trusting in World Famous Pharmacy, your pharmacist and its teams – assistant pharmacists, consultants, dieticians can count on our training organization to enrich their knowledge throughout the year and bring you the expertise you need every day.

Trust Pharmacy website
Our website, our products, our services are developed and driven by the desire to meet your expectations.

An invested network
Grouped into a network of 89 pharmacies covering the entire country, our collective purchasing power also allows us to assert our commercial dynamism for the benefit of our customers.

Quality offers and services
Actors in health and prevention, we are proud to contribute to the well-being of our customers every day.

Trust Pharmacy is committed to one goal: meet your needs!

  • Know you better, advise you better, since each client is unique, so are our tips.
  • Know how to welcome and listen with care and friendliness, to understand your expectations and better satisfy your needs.
  • Respect confidentiality and protect your personal information.
  • Innovate in our services and products. Health is changing fast, and we keep abreast of the time.
  • Stay available and joinable.
  • Give you the possibility to organize remote interviews, screenings, requests for advice
  • Contribute to a cheaper life
  • With our products, you can purchase exclusive brands and check multiple promotional offers.
  • Reward your loyalty. To find out more about our Loyalty program, click here.
  • Offer you every day new advantages and a reinforced service.
  • Strictly control the quality of our products and services for your safety and satisfaction.
  • Have a high level of expertise.
  • Thanks to the continuous training of our teams, we advise and guide you in the health circuit.
  • A social health player – we support charities and public health actions.
  • The online pharmacy is available online by offering you services on the websites of our pharmacies.

Your Prescriptions

To save you time, our pharmacy offers you the possibility to reserve your medication in advance. You will just have to come and pick them up on the spot in our pharmacy or have it delivered right to your door! We will provide you with the necessary associated advice.

  • Write additional information to your pharmacist.
  • Scan or photograph your prescription then attach the file.
  • You can add in the message non-prescription drugs that you would like us to put aside.
  • We prepare the order and notify you when it is ready.
  • Come and pick it up at the pharmacy or have it DDP delivered.

Our mission

Based on the principles of social responsibility and performance, being a member of Canadian state system of drug provision, we ensure equal access to every resident of the U.S. and Canada and render high-quality pharmaceutical care, regardless of their place of residence and material wealth. We are a large team united by common goals and values. People are our most important resource. It is a pharmacist who is the link between the company and customers. Today we focus on the training and development of our own staff. We create a talent pool within the company, grow competent specialists, develop distance learning programs and create platforms for the exchange of experience.

World Trust Pharmacy retailer has the most comprehensive and up-to-date catalogue of Canadian pharmacy online medicines and products with prices and description. For your convenience, we have developed a quick search for drugs by name, active ingredient and symptom. In addition, drugs and other products of the network on the site can be found in the sections:

  • New items
  • Medicines (Antibiotics, and etc.)
  • Mom and baby
  • Hygiene and care (including intimate)
  • ED pills
  • Clinical Nutrition / Diet
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Medical devices and devices
  • Caring for bed patients
  • Orthopedics
  • Optics
  • Vitamins
  • You can also book and order medicines and health products using our mobile application.

Our Biggest Advantages

Guarantee of quality

While buying goods in our online pharmacy or network pharmacies, you will receive a product with a guarantee of quality approved by the FDA.

Wide range

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of medicines, cosmetics, vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements, patient care products, medical equipment, products for babies and much more. The assortment of online pharmacy has over 20,000 products – here you will find almost everything! If any product or medicine is not available, then you can always contact our specialists through the pop-up window on the website, on the feedback page, or request a call back there.

Nice prices

We occupy a leading position in the Canadian pharmaceutical market. As a leader, we are constantly working to make our products as accessible as possible for all categories of citizens. We work directly with leading global manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. We regularly hold profitable promotions, loyalty programs and discount systems for our regular customers work!

Your Appointments

Our pharmacy located in many Canadian cities offers regular interviews for the monitoring of your chronic pathologies. This approach supported by social security is called pharmaceutical interview. The three proposed themes are:

  • patients on anticoagulants;
  • asthmatic patients;
  • medication assessment.

Provant Health offer pharmaceutical appointments to assist you in monitoring your health procedures. These appointments may be at your expense. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can log in and consult the list of available appointments below.

The pharmaceutical interview: the principle

By who? It will be carried out exclusively by a pharmacist or assistant.

Where? At the pharmacy, in a space that is acoustically and visually isolated from other patients. This place is called the pharmacist’s privacy area.

When? Your pharmacist has created a calendar to indicate his availability. You just have to make an appointment by logging in.

How? A pharmacist will ensure:

  • Two interviews in the first year of treatment that will allow a pharmacist to assess the level of understanding of your pathology. You will thus be informed and advised on the proper use of the drugs prescribed as part of your treatment.
  • At least one interview per year from the second year to assess your level of compliance and your treatment by carrying out at least two compliance monitoring.

What tools? A follow-up book will be given to you by a pharmacist:

  • It will contain an agenda of the next meetings
  • It will allow you to store the documents given by a pharmacist
  • An agenda keeping you informed of the pharmacist’s availability.

Shared Medication Assessment

The costs of medication errors might be high – these are serious complications, disability, hospitalization, and even death. The purpose of the interview is to help the patient avoid mistakes in treatment, find the right medication and ensure that they are taken correctly. A structured interview allows to analyze the patient’s condition, assess the course of the disease and monitor how the patient adheres to given recommendations.

Who are the affected patients?

Patients eligible for shared medical assessment are:

  • Aged 65 to 74 in long-term illness.
  • Aged 75 and over.
  • A treatment of at least 5 molecules or active ingredients prescribed for a consecutive period, greater than or equal to 6 months.

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