White Paper: Using BMI and Waist Circumference to Assess Obesity

White Paper: Using BMI and Waist Circumference to Assess Obesity

In the recent past, weight ranges for a given height were used to measure health risk. Body mass index (BMI) became a better screen for unhealthy weight and obesity. It now is understood that the distribution of body fat, central vs peripheral (apple vs pear) identifies risks for early heart disease, and death beyond BMI alone. Read more »

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Provant provides workplace wellness programs, health screenings, employee wellness programs, flu shot clinics, health assessments and health coaching. We partner with companies to create Cultures of Health, increase employee wellness and productivity, reducing healthcare costs.

Comprehensive, customized and flexible workplace well-being programs that improve employee health, increase productivity and reduce company healthcare costs.  

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Provant is a national wellness leader providing flexible, customized worksite wellness and advocacy programs that reduce employee health risks, increase employee productivity and lower company healthcare costs. We build Cultures of Health.