Our myHumology portal provides an exceptional user experience anytime, anywhere. 

Your members log into a single powerful and intuitive platform to access all of your well-being and benefits offerings and their opportunities. 

Mobile-first design means your members connect the way most of us do: on their smartphone or tablet, whenever they have a spare moment. 

The myHumology portal merges personalized programs with exceptional user experience, sophisticated analytics, and high-level security—no matter how users access with it.  

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Added to our own best-of-breed products that address the concerns of your workforce, your members can connect seamlessly with your benefits providers and our best-in-class specialty partners: 

  • Customized nutrition
  • Individualized sleep therapy 
  • Socially responsible financial support. 

Of course, our portal includes the classic resources you've come to expect:

  • Interactive workshops on a variety of topics
  • Incentive tracking
  • Company-specific announcements
  • Trackers, logs, and counters
  • Wearable fitness device sync
  • A comprehensive health library
  • Our health assessment
  • Important program documents
  • Active referrals
  • And much more. 

In addition, most myHumology resources are available in more than 100 languages. No matter where they are across the globe, your participants can log in and connect.