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Shipping & Delivery Terms: Method, Time, Cost

Do you live far from home and do not know if you can shsip prescription drugs or other medicines to US or abroad? Find out now how to safely receive medicines by courier or by post. Shipping medicines has never been easier and more convenient.

How we pack the drugs to be shipped

Are you going to receive prescription drugs from abroad or locally? We will carefully package them, to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Your meds will be wrapped in bubble wrap. Wrap the original packaging and secure the bubble wrap with tape. We then put the medicines in a box. We fill out in the blanks with stuffing material for the medications and manufacturer’s packaging to be safe during the transportation. We seal the package and, if necessary and attach the label that only states the name and the address of the receiver. The content of the package is not declared on the outside. These shipping preparations guarantee the safety of your goods and your full confidentiality.

Shipping method

Regular delivery

  • Delivery time: up to 21 days
  • Price: $12.95
  • Not available for all products

Express Delivery

  • Delivery time: up to 14 days*
  • Fee: $29.95
  • Track order feature (additional fee applies)
  • Delivery on a picked date (additional fee applies)

Safely getting your order into the country

Occasionally, the custom service will require for you to provide some information about your shipping. When you receive medicines and pharmaceutical products by shipment with a courier follow the instructions below and provide the requested information:

  • specify the type of drugs or medicines to be shipped and their quantity;
  • specify whether a prescription is required for such drugs and whether they contain substances that could cause addiction;

checks that the drugs to be shipped and the active ingredients contained therein are admitted in the country of destination.

*Changes may apply in connection with cargo flight delays and rescheduling caused by the pandemics

**The amount is an estimate and subject to change based on delivery address