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Generic Avodart (Dutasteride): Applications, Contraindications, BPH Therapy

What have you heard of Generic Avodart? There are two health problems it is associated with. The first one is an enlarged prostate and the second one ― male hair loss. In this article, we will discuss both of them so that there are no questions left.

Benign Prostate Therapy

Let us clarify from the very beginning that this medication contains Dutasteride as an active substance. This ingredient belongs to the class of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. In other words, it blocks the enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. That prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone ― this hormone provokes the growth of the prostate.

Note: Research shows that it blocks around 90% of dihydrotestosterone.

One must mention that the enlargement of this gland produces a disastrous impact on the quality of a man’s life. Namely, it causes the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • a decrease in urine flow;
  • difficulties at the beginning of the urination process;
  • frequent urination;
  • urgent urination;
  • a need to wake up in the middle of the night to urinate.

Now, let us answer common related questions:

  • Will Avodart make my prostate smaller?

Yes. It will reduce its size and relieve related symptoms.

  • When will I feel the effect?

Keep patient. That can take 6 months or even longer.

  • For how long should I use it?

You must take it on a regular basis to keep your prostate size under control. If you stop its use, the prostate will get enlarged again.

  • Which dose is the best for me?

It is a prescription medication, which means you must use it with your doctor’s permission only. A standard dose is 0.5 mg per day, but your doctor may adjust it to your needs and state. It is safe to use these tablets both with food and on an empty stomach.

  • Will it help me avoid surgery?


Hair Loss Treatment

To start with, Avodart (or Dutasteride) is effective only for male pattern baldness associated with genetic factors (it is called androgenetic alopecia). In such situations, problems with hair are connected with a high level of dihydrotestosterone and increased sensibility of hair follicles to this hormone (the latest factor is genetic). So, if a man is predisposed to baldness genetically, dihydrotestosterone binds to androgen receptors in his scalp, which damages hair follicles and reduces a cycle of hair development. As a result, hairs get significantly thinner and lighter. Besides, damaged follicles gradually cease the production of new hairs, which leads to baldness.

The characteristic features of androgenetic alopecia:

  • a reduced hairline;
  • thinner hairs on the temples and on the crown;
  • hair grows in the form of a horseshoe with a bald spot on the top.

In practice, in about 95% of cases, men lose hair due to androgenetic alopecia.

So, one can say that Dutasteride is a universal solution that is effective for almost all cases of baldness in men. When a man starts taking this drug, his dihydrotestosterone level drops and the process of hair loss slows down or stops. Besides, as a rule, his hairs get thicker over some time. There is a good chance that lost hairs at bald spots will regrow as well.

But the effect of the therapy depends on the degree of the problem and the individual peculiarities of the organism. Sure, the best results are reached when one starts the treatment at the early stages of baldness. Thus, do not postpone a visit to your doctor if you suspect any signs of hair loss.

Experts claim that this drug is even more effective for male baldness than well-known Finasteride.

Let us move to popular questions about the use of Avodart for hair loss:

  • Can it be used for female hair loss?

No. As of now, there is no convincing evidence that it is effective or safe in such cases. More to the point, there is clear proof that this medication is highly dangerous to pregnant and breastfeeding women. That is why female patients must not try it.

  • How to know whether it will be effective for me?

Sure, it is up to your doctor to decide which drug to prescribe to you. Still, if hair loss is common among men in your family, it means your problem is related to genetics. Besides, you can use the description above to check that. Again, in the overwhelming majority of cases, men suffering from hair loss have androgenetic alopecia.

  • When will I see the result?

You are likely to notice the first improvements in 3 months. Yet, it will take the medicine about 6 months to show its full potential.

  • How long is the treatment course?

You will see the full effect in about 6 months. If you decide to stop its use, your dihydrotestosterone level will go up and you will start losing hair again in some time. Talk to your doctor about whether it is safe for you to take this drug on a constant basis.

  • Which dose should I use?

As a rule, for hair loss treatment, doctors recommend a daily dose of 0.5 mg. But your doctor may change it depending on your reaction and needs. You can administer these tablets both before and after meals. It is better to take them at the same time so that you do not forget about them. Regular use is the key to success in this case.

A Short Safety Overview: Contraindications and Side Effects

Again, regardless of the medical purpose, you are allowed to administer this drug on prescription only. Hence, you will obligatorily go through a consultation with your doctor.

So, we must mention the conditions, which you should warn your doctor about:

  • taking any prescription or nonprescription drugs, as well as any food supplements, including herbals;
  • allergic reactions to any medicines, herbals, foods, colorants, flavoring, preservatives, or any other substances;
  • liver diseases;
  • high-grade prostate cancer.

The most common problems related to this treatment are:

  • erectile difficulties (impotence);
  • a decrease in libido;
  • a reduction in the amount of sperm;
  • swelling or pains in the testicles;
  • increased sensitivity of breasts;
  • enlarged breasts.

Other possible adverse symptoms include skin reactions, like itching or rash, dizziness, depressed mood, heart failure (the complete list is available in the leaflet provided in the pack).

The great news is that the overwhelming majority of side effects above tend to relieve over some time as the body gets accustomed to the medication. Note that breast enlargement is an exception.

Sure, if you notice any adverse symptoms during the therapy, you must discuss that with your healthcare provider.

Avodart vs Dutasteride: Is There Any Difference?

This medication can be sold under both names. But the first one is a brand name, and another one ― generic. Regardless of the name on the pack, these medications are identical. Both of them contain the same active ingredient in the same doses. So, a patient can switch between them at any moment. Sure, as generic Dutasteride is 50% (and more) cheaper, it is more popular among customers. Why is its price so much lower? It is manufactured based on the formula invented by the original manufacturer and its cost does not include any research and development expenses, which constitute a significant part of a price of a brand product. As for the quality, there is no difference. One must not worry about any health risks. So, there is no sense in overpaying for the same product.


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