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Dapoxetine (Generic Priligy): 12 Popular Questions and Answers To Them

Dapoxetine is the medication for treating one of the most common sexual problems in men ― premature ejaculation. This term is used for an inability to postpone an orgasm (an ejaculation) till the end of intercourse. According to statistics, this condition can be found in about 40% of men. Consequently, the corresponding therapies enjoy high and stable demand. And Dapoxetine is a number-one choice in such cases. Below, you can find the answers to all your questions about this drug.

When Should I Use This Medication?

Obviously, to get the answer to this question, you must turn to your doctor. This medication is available on prescription only. Still, we must tell you about the signs that can prompt that it is time to see your doctor.

  1. You frequently reach orgasm in less than a minute after penetration.
  2. It is difficult for you to control or postpone an ejaculation during diversified sexual activities.
  3. You are not satisfied with your sexual life because of the problems mentioned above.

Note: The time period specified is assumed for the sake of convenience. Even if your intercourse usually lasts for longer, but you feel any discomfort, disappointment, or anxiety about the speed of your ejaculation, it is better to consult a doctor.

Certainly, in case you had a premature ejaculation for just one time, for example, when having sex with a new partner or after a hard and nervous day, it is not the reason to haste to a doctor or start treatment. That is a common situation, even in absolutely healthy men.

Many men are worried that premature ejaculations can be a symptom of some serious disease. But, in practice, this condition can be related to psychological issues solely, for example, when a man is nervous because of his sexual skills, a new sexual partner, or relationship problems.

Yet, there can also be certain physical factors:

  • high sensibility of a penis;
  • prostate diseases;
  • thyroid problems;
  • use of narcotics.

How Does It Work?

This medication belongs to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (they are widely known under the term SSRI). And it acts similar to antidepressants from the same class. Namely, it enhances the activeness of natural serotonin, which makes it easier to control ejaculation. Consequently, a man can decide when to reach an orgasm and can postpone it when needed. Besides, like other SSRI medicines, this one helps to relieve stress and anxiety, which also helps to prevent premature ejaculations.

Key pros of this medication:

  • postponing ejaculations;
  • prolonging intercourse (according to research, for 1–2 minutes);
  • relieving stress and excessive anxiety prior to and during intercourse;
  • recovering normal and enjoyable sex life;
  • providing extra confidence in one’s sexual skills and abilities;
  • removing relationship problems related to unsatisfying sex life.

Which Dose Should I Choose?

You must not select the dose on your own. It is your doctor’s responsibility. Stick to the dose prescribed to avoid adverse reactions.

In general, manufacturers offer two dosage versions ― 30 mg and 60 mg. As a rule, specialists recommend starting from a lower dose ― 30 mg. But, if it turns out ineffective for you, your doctor will recommend increasing it. You must not change the dose prescribed without a consultation.

How to Use It?

This drug is not intended for everyday use. You should take it only before sexual activities ― about an hour prior to them. Also, keep in mind that its effect will last for about 2–3 hours.

These pills must be administered orally with a full glass of water. You can safely take this medication before, during, and after meals. That will not reduce its effectiveness.

Note: it is forbidden to take more than one single dose prescribed per day as that increases the risk of adverse reactions.

Can I Take It Every Day?

No. If you use it daily, the serotonin level in your body will be constantly increased, which will damage the corresponding receptors. As a result, they will decay. Fortunately, your body will form new ones. But, while they are developed, you risk suffering from depression. Besides, as the number of receptors will be smaller, you will need higher doses of the medication, which can cause severe side effects. Thus, you must administer this medicine only prior to sexual activities.

Can I Drink Alcohol When Using It?

No, it is dangerous. The sedative effects of both the medicine and drinks will be multiplied. Besides, such mixtures can cause headaches, dizziness, and fainting.

Should I Refuse Grapefruit Juice? Or Is That A Myth?

No. It is a proven fact. This fruit can increase the level of this medication in your blood, which will add to the risk of side effects. You must postpone the use of this drug for at least 24 hours after eating it or drinking the juice.

Can It Cause Any Side Effects?

Yes, like any other medication. The good news is that many of them go away as your body gets accustomed to its action. Also, in many cases, adjusting the dose can help.

So, the most frequent problems are dizziness, nausea, sweatiness, and confusion. In such situations, it is recommended to sit or lie down to prevent falling down and related injuries. These can be the symptoms of fainting.

Another common problem is headaches. You can apply painkillers to relieve them. Besides, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

There is a good chance that these symptoms will go away without any treatment, but, if they do not or even get worse, you must turn to medical advice.

As for other possible reactions, these may be digestive problems, apathy, rapid changes in weight, dryness in the mouth, blood pressure jumps, and others (you can find a full list in the leaflet included in a pack).

What Are the Contraindications?

When consulting your doctor about the use of this drug, be sure to warn him about such situations:

  • frequent faints;
  • heart problems;
  • bleeding or clotting issues;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental diseases;
  • glaucoma or increased eye pressure;
  • liver or kidney diseases;
  • allergic reactions to any medications, products, or substances;
  • using any other therapies, including drugs, vitamins, herbal products, any other supplements.

Can I Drive When Using It?

No. There is a risk that this medicine will make you dizzy, confused, or even faint. So, it is strictly recommended you avoid driving, cycling, working with mechanisms, and any other dangerous activities.

Can I Mix It With Which Other Medications?

You should discuss such issues either with your doctor or with a pharmacist. It can interact with other medicines, for example, with certain psychotropic treatments.

Is There Any Difference Between Dapoxetine and Priligy? What Should I Choose?

In real practice, these are two names of the same product. Priligy is one of the brand names used for Dapoxetine oral pills.

However, today, most patients and doctors choose the generic product as it provides the same effect for one’s sexual life at a much more affordable price. Its price is several times cheaper due to lower production costs. It can be issued by any licensed company on the condition that it strictly sticks to the formula invented by the original manufacturer.

As generic Dapoxetine tablets contain the same active ingredient in the same dosage and form, they work identically to brand Priligy. There is no difference for a patient, except for a much more attractive price.


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