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About Trust Pharmacy: Principles & Strategy

Trust Pharmacy aims to care for the customer-patients. Each person is unique and particular. Our mission is to listen, understand, offer targeted advice and solve the problem. We are professionals who care about the health of every single individual in the family; for this reason we update ourselves with the latest scientific and technological news to offer the best possible service. We know our customers by name, and here he can find personalized advice, tailored to his needs.

We’re changing the health of America, one person at a time. Our partners with businesses around the world to create discount programs for medications that build cultures of health and well-being.

Since day one, we’ve been dedicated to delivering personalized, innovative, and impactful savings strategies, programs, and services. The large sales area is divided into departments to improve the pharmacy experience. We host a team of passionate pharmacists who are constantly evolving and upgrading their education. Our mission is to take care of you and your family with the least efforts on your part. Listening, communication, sharing, advice are the elements that distinguish us; in an increasingly hectic world, every member of our team invites you to stop and tell us your situation. Each of us is specialized in a particular sector, to fully satisfy every type of request.

We personally take care of the research of drugs and parapharmaceuticals with great attention and we are passionately dedicated to consultancy, carefully selecting the most advanced products.

Our strategic rebate programs and services provide exceptional engagement and improved health – so you’ll see improvement more than in health, you will experience the proverbial improvement in life quality with our lower healthcare costs and complementary services.

Our leadership team consists of seasoned healthcare and business professionals with extensive experience in the health promotion, well-being, consumerism, medical, insurance, and hospital arenas. An industry leader and pioneer, we’re always striving for what’s next and what’s best.

Our commitment to what we do is based on a sincere desire to promote optimal well-being and to work with our shoppers as a team. Improving lives is what makes it all worthwhile. We are located in Olathe, Kansas and East Greenwich, Rhode Island. We provide pharmacy healthcare programs world-wide. We’re ready to get started on yours!