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Rewards & Incentives

But who doesn’t want a few perks along the way? Short-term incentives inspire your members to start and stay on the road to be their best selves. We craft wellness incentive programs that work for your budget, your population, and your goals. Our powerful incentive engine feeds directly into the myHumology portal. With just a swipe on their smartphone, participants view their incentive opportunities and click through to get started.

This central hub allows members to move seamlessly from one step to the next: whether it’s registering for an on-site biometric screening, filling out the health assessment, completing a workshop, connecting with a health coach, or signing up with one of our specialty partners (like sleep or nutrition), everything is at their fingertips. We worry so you don’t have to.

Our industry experts recommend effective engagement and reward strategies based on your company size, line of business, program, and other unique details. Whether you’re looking for participation-based, outcomes-based, or a careful blend of the two, we’ll handle the design, build, reasonable alternatives, legal compliance, and everything else you need.