Provant Health is now Quest Diagnostics

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Our end-to-end well-being solutions and unique approach make it easy for your workforce to live real change. 

Let's talk about how we can inspire your workforce to be healthier, happier, and more productive than ever. 



Using tools and information such as

biometric screening, health assessment, and claims data

we assess the needs of each individual, and of your organization as a whole.



Our total well-being platform, plus

health coaches, workshops, seminars, challenges, and more

engage employees where they are and with what's interesting to them, driving real change.



With our comprehensive

program reporting, proprietary incentive engine, and advanced analytics,

you'll be able to effectively reward your participants and see the impact we're having on your workforce.


Ready to see our comprehensive well-being solution in action? 

Our Products


Biometric Screenings & Flu Shots

Our nationwide network of more than

13,000 health professionals offer multiple workplace and off-site

biometric screening and flu shot options, making it easy and convenient for your participants to know, understand, and protect their health.

Health Coaching & Education

Our health coaching team

inspires people to do—and be—their best.

Your members work with the same health coach, month after month (often year after year) by phone, digitally, and even on-site.


Well-Being Portal & Incentive Engine

The hub and heart of our comprehensive well-being experience,

our Humology platform and incentive management engine

provide your employees an unparalleled user experience, and provide you with powerful data and analytical information.

Clinical Research Support

We're the partner of choice in clinical trials for

contract research organizations, academic health research, and government health studies.

Our extensive experience working with research organizationsmeans we know what it takes to help you collect any data you need.

Our Impact


Company Impact

"With Provant Health's help, we've seen a reduction in our population's overall level of obesity. That decrease has meant that the rate of increase in our insurance costs has slowed significantly. This year's increase was nearly half what it was last year."


Personal Impact

"I really appreciate having these events so I can get my flu shot and biometrics done without having to leave work. It makes putting a priority on my health much easier. Thank you!"