Provant Health's corporate wellness programs inspire people to be their healthiest - and happiest - selves. 

Provant Health improves the total health of employees by customizing services to their unique needs. Through those services, we increase the productivity of individuals and companies. These are life changing services for people and for organizations as a whole.


Provant Health touches millions of lives by delivering customized well-being strategies and services on-site, telephonically and digitally, utilizing advanced data management technology. The company’s innovative platform includes flexible program designs, incentive management, biometric screenings, health coaching and condition management, data analytics, healthcare advocacya portal that serves as the hub for program activities, benefits, communications, and specialty experts. We also provide laboratory testing, risk assessment and sample collection services to wellness and disease management companies, employers and brokers, government organizations and academic institutions nationwide.

Contact us today and let's talk about how we can improve your corporate wellness program and make your workforce healthier, happier, and more productive than ever. 

Corporate Wellness Programs

Humology, our next-generation platform, moves your employees to explore all their well-being opportunities. Our approach makes it easy for people to live real change. 

Well-Being Program Case Studies

Working with an industry leader, you'll benefit from our thoughts, experiences, and insights on corporate wellness programs. Our clients' and participants' testimonials speak volumes. 

About Us

Since day one, we've been dedicated to changing lives. We are consistently at the forefront of innovation, strategy, and analytics, and ensure that your wellness program is, too. 


With help from Provant Health, we’ve seen a reduction in our population’s overall level of obesity. That decrease has meant that the rate of increase in our insurance costs has slowed significantly. This year’s increase was nearly half of last year’s.