We make it easy for health to be one of them. 

Together, we'll inspire your employees by revitalizing your aging corporate wellness program or crafting a whole new well-being benefit.

wellness portal for a corporate wellness program

Assess your population's health, inspire (and reward!) their engagement, reduce health risks, and understand the results: we offer everything you need for a complete corporate wellness benefit. 

Our ecosphere ensures a seamless employee experience. Cornerstone assessment programs—like biometric screenings and health assessments—help you and your population understand their health. 

These dovetails with in-person, by phone, and digital health coaching and educational opportunities that inspire engagement in personalized—and proven—risk reduction solutions. 

The hub and heart of all of it is our mobile-first wellness portal, the Humology platform.  

Our Humology platform provides a superior well-being experience.

Combining the best of human interactions and technological innovations, it's the next generation of the comprehensive wellness program portals. 

online wellness portal mobile friendly

From this powerful, intuitive portal platform, members:

  • Receive individualized nudges to try specialty nutrition, sleep, or financial partners.
  • Connect with a health coach: virtually, in person, or by phone.
  • View their automatically-uploaded biometric screening results.
  • Explore relevant health education opportunities, including ours and your company's additional benefit offerings.
  • Find support and solidarity in social communities.
  • Review their incentive and reward opportunities.
  • And so much more. 

Contact us today and see what we can do for you, your employees, and your company.

Not looking for a comprehensive wellness program at this time? Not a problem. 

Whether you need one or them all, our programs provide the inspiration for your members to be happier, healthier individuals. Explore each individual component below and contact us to learn more. 

biometric screenings health assessment flu shots


Empower your members with information about their current real and perceived health and wellness.

wellness portal health coaching health education


Create and sustain a vibrant culture of health, wellness, and total well-being.

wellness incentive program


Keep your momentum–and your members’ attention–on the road to better health and total well-being.

wellness program ROI analytics reports


Understand the current successes and opportunities of your well-being program–it’s key to ongoing success.

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