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Health Coaching

Our health coaching programs inspire people to do—and be—their best. Too many people think “diet and exercise” means “salads and marathons.” Our corporate health coaching programs will show your employees how simple and fun a healthy lifestyle can be. Your members work with the same health coach, month after month—sometimes year after year.

That relationship builds something that not even the most advanced technology can achieve: accountability with empathy. Our professional health coaches inspire real lifestyle changes by using motivational interviewing and a stages of change model. They tap into what each individual is ready to change and how they are ready to change it, then put it into action.

We offer corporate health coaching at your work sites, over the phone, or soon, through our digital platform. No matter what’s best for your population, we’re ready to get started. Targeted programs for specific conditions are also available.

Our most popular topics include:

  • Tobacco cessation (ask about our quit rate – it’s several times the national average!)
  • Asthma management
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Diabetes management
  • Sexual health management
  • Weight management
  • And many more!

Many companies find success in a offering both corporate health coaching programs to their entire employee population and key condition management programs to higher risk populations.