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Flu vaccinations help people avoid getting and spreading the flu

Flu shots are the best defense against the flu, but only if your employees find time to receive one. Coughs, sneezes, doorknobs, printers, phones: it’s easy for even one employee to share the flu virus throughout your workforce. Encouraging your employees to take sick days is good, but not enough: the CDC says the flu is contagious for six to eight days, but most employees are only out of work one or two. This gives them plenty of time to spread the flu throughout your organization.

If people don’t understand that flu vaccinations protect them and their families, they are less likely to take time to get flu shots. By offering a convenient on-site flu vaccination program, your employees are much more likely to receive the protection of an annual seasonal flu shot.

We offer on-site clinics, pre-paid vouchers, and full reimbursements, so your members can get their vaccinations on their schedule. Our Humology platform makes it simple for employees to review their flu vaccination options then make a flu clinic appointment or access the right paperwork for one of our off-site flu shot alternatives.

With so many convenient options, our flu shot programs make it simple for your members to protect themselves – and your bottom line.
All-inclusive pricing mean you pick the corporate flu shot programs that work for you and we handle the rest. That includes the paperwork, shipping, staffing, set-up, clean up, reimbursement, even insurance claims and more, all for one low price.

Onsite-Employee-Health-Clinic reimbursement PRE-PAID VOUCHER