Provant Health's Humology platform provides your employees with exceptional user experiences anytime, anywhere. 

Our corporate health and wellness portal is a powerful and intuitive platform for your employees to access all of their well-being and benefits offerings and opportunities - anytime and anywhere. 

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Its mobile-first design means your members connect the way most of us do: on their smartphone or tablet, whenever they have a spare moment. Our health and wellness platform merges our personalized programs with an exceptional user experience, sophisticated analytics, and high-level security.  

In today's connected world, there's simply no room for a wellness portal that is not secure and accessible on mobile or web.

In addition to our own best-of-breed products that address the concerns of your employees, we'll connect seamlessly with your benefits providers plus our best-in-class specialty partners. These customized programs address three critical but common well-being concerns: nutrition, sleep, and finances.

Of course, our platform includes the classic resources you've come to expect:

corporate wellness portal wellbeing portal wellness website corporate wellness program portal
  • Sync with 170+ wearable fitness devices. 
  • Learn more with interactive workshops on a variety of topics.
  • Maintain engagement with our Year 'Round Wellness Program, offering activities, communications, and education on a new topic every month.
  • Review and track incentive and reward opportunities. 
  • Appraise current health with our new health assessment.
  • Publish company-specific announcements.
  • Track, log, and count calories, steps, exercise, mood, sleep, and more. 
  • Research with the comprehensive health library.
  • Access important program documents.
  • Click over to other benefits with customized referrals.
  • And much more. 

In addition, most Humology resources are available in more than 100 languages. No matter where they are across the globe, your participants can log in and connect. 

To learn more about Provant Health's Humology platform - our proprietary well-being portal - or our comprehensive wellness programs, contact us today