Our analytics engine puts it to work for you. 

It’s crucial that both you and your members know where you are, how far you’ve come, and what to do next. 

wellness program ROI

Your participants receive easy-to-understand results, designed to improve their overall health literacy. They connect directly to our Humology platformspecialty partners, health coaches, and more. 

With this, members have clearly defined action items and support — the next steps to improve their well-being. 

Of course, we offer a full suite of aggregate, EEOC-compliant reporting on each of your program offerings: biometric screening results, health assessment reports, online platform utilization, health coaching participation and risk migration, incentive eligibility, return on investment, and more. 

workplace wellness reports

Enhanced value comes from our analysis of what the data means. 

At our in-person strategic review, our experienced client team relates the story the data is telling — what it means and where to go next.