Inform & Protect Your Employees


Biometric Screenings & Seasonal Flu Shots

Our on-site and off-site networks make it easy for your employees to learn about their health and get the seasonal flu protection they need. 

With more than 13,000 of our own experienced health professionals, our coverage and access is unmatched. We offer events 24/7, across all shifts and into weekends. We are accountable for our entire on-site screening and clinic process: no outsourcing, no surprises. 

On-site biometric screening events are centered around our tablet technology. This fresh approach proactively resolves common eligibility concerns and pushes real-time data, so your participants move seamlessly into the rest of your program.


Live Activation


Live Activation

Knowing is important—bu doing is better. Accelerate engagement with Live Activation. 

After completing the screening, your employees sit down with an Activation Specialist.

In just 8-10 minutes, participants review their screening results, talk about their interests and needs, and receive a customized pathway of tools, resources, and ways to get started.

Whether it’s a nutrition specialty partner, diabetes workshop, or ongoing health coaching, this clear, customized pathway sparks participant engagement in the ongoing program.