Discover Humology


Our Humology platform provides an exceptional user experience anytime, anywhere. 

Give you workforce easy access to all of your well-being and benefits offerings. 

  • Mobile-first design.
  • Integration with 170+ wearable fitness devices. 
  • Instant translation into 100+ languages.
  • Interactive workshops on dozens of topics.
  • Engaging Well-Being Center, with new activities, communications, and education every month.
  • Incentive and reward tracking. 
  • Company-specific announcements and easy access to important program documents.
  • Track, log, and count calories, steps, exercise, mood, sleep, and more. 
  • Click over to other benefits with customized referrals.
  • And much more. 

Health Assessment & Specialty Partners


A few minutes on our platform identifies opportunities for specialty support. 


Our intuitive, mobile-first health assessment makes it easy for participants to navigate the health assessment and answer lifestyle questions. After taking a few minutes to complete it, your employees get easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement results:

  • Health age compared to actual age.

  • Overall and condition-specific risk scores.

  • Prioritized health recommendations.

From there, your employees can explore our specialty partners. These best-in-class programs focus on unique needs like nutrition and sleep and drive powerful change, especially when teamed up with the personal accountability of our health coaching program. 

Incentives & Rewards


Our proprietary incentive engine tracks and rewards real engagement. 


Armed with our book of business historical data, our industry experts craft effective engagement and reward strategies based on your company size, line of business, program, budget, and other unique details. 

One-touch navigation to our Humology platform's incentives page means participants always know what they've earned and what opportunities they have remaining. 

Whether you’re looking for participation-based, outcomes-based, or a careful blend of the two, we’ll handle the design, build, reasonable alternatives, legal compliance, and everything else you need.

Reporting & Analytics


We put data to work for you.


Integrated data from biometric screenings, health assessment, health coaching, platform engagement, and claims show you where you are, how far you’ve come, and what to do next. 

Of course, we offer a full suite of aggregate, EEOC-compliant reporting on each of your program offerings. 

But enhanced value comes from our expert analysis of what the data actually means

At our in-person strategic review, our experienced client team translates the data to powerful, effective, and engaging recommendations, so you can improve your program, year after year.