I’ve heard this year’s flu vaccine isn’t a good match. Should I still get it?

As early and severe seasonal flu outbreaks are reported in Massachusetts and beyond, reports from the southern hemisphere suggest preliminary efficacy as low as 10% for this year’s flu vaccine.


But experts say don’t skip the shot based on this early data.

For one, we don’t know how the differences from the northern hemisphere and in the production process will impact the efficacy here.

Additionally, even partial protection provided by the immunization will help decrease the severity of flu symptoms. This year’s dominant strain, H3N2, is causing more serious flu symptoms than other strains.  

Finally, the vaccine is still effective for many individuals, and especially important for those caring for the ill, very old, or very young to help prevent them from spreading the flu to these groups at higher risk of serious illness or mortality.

Provant’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Ashley, agrees. “The flu is a miserable illness, and any proven steps you can take—like the seasonal flu vaccine—that will help protect you from getting it and spreading it to your loved ones is a valuable resource. Bottom line, it is worth getting a flu shot ever year.”

As always, he cautions individuals to consult with their primary healthcare provider if they have questions or concerns about receiving the seasonal flu shot.

Provant is a leading provider of corporate wellness programs nationwide and offers multiple seasonal flu solutions. At the time of publication, we still have flu shot availability for the 2017-2018 flu season; contact us today and let’s talk about protecting your workforce.

Kat Smith