Provant Health CIO Examines the Growing Impact of Drone Technology on Businesses

EAST GREENWICH, R.I., July 27, 2018 – In his CIO Applications article on drones, Drones are Coming to Your Business, Tom Basiliere, chief information officer for Provant Health, discusses the growth of drone technology and its impact on businesses of all sizes.

In his article, Basiliere covers the emergence of drones as a military device in World War II and their relatively limited use through the 1960s. He describes the growth of drone use for law enforcement and scientific research purposes over the ensuing two decades, as commercial access to satellites and long-distance wireless made drone use more practical. Although the cost of drones continued to be high, their value was clearly increasing.

He explains that two fundamental changes gave recent rise to the use of drones by businesses and consumers: the 2016 Federal Aviation Administration easing of license regulations to operate drones and the falling cost of drones. These changes have led to multiple drone types and uses for commercial, non-profit and personal purposes. With the expanded use and availability of drones, many peripheral businesses have, and will, develop.

Basiliere envisions a not-too-distant future in which companies will use drone technology to improve or expand their businesses: From cost savings to faster speeds to greater physical access to data gathering, drones will enable a wide range of actions that are not possible today.

The technological potential for drones is great, and their usage is growing rapidly. Basiliere advises CIOs to consider how their businesses can benefit from drone technology now and in the coming years.

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