Provant President Mark Clermont Interviewed on Sleep Coaching and Workplace Wellness

EAST GREENWICH, RI - In a newly published Inc. magazine article, Mark Clermont, president of Provant and its parent company Hooper Homes Inc. (OTCQX:HPHW), shared his insights on sleep coaching for workplace well-being programs. Provant, a national health and well-being leader, provides highly personalized health coaching on-site, by telephone, and digitally.

In the article “Bosses are Finding that Sleep is Good for Business--And They're Hiring Coaches to Make It Happen,” Clermont notes that a growing number of companies are adding Provant’s health coaching services to their programming to help employees improve their quality of sleep. As a reason for the increase, he cites employers’ increasing recognition of the connections between sleep deprivation and chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression., and between quality of sleep and productivity.

Studies by several researchers over the past 13 years have found that sleep increases the risk for obesity by 650 percent, depression by 900 percent, diabetes by 70 percent, and heart attacks by 45 percent. In addition, according to a 2016 Rand study, poor sleep costs the American economy as much as $411 billion in productivity every year.

Provant’s experienced health coaches counsel on sleep and many other health behaviors in one -to-one sessions and in group settings. Recent on-site sleep coaching has brought Provant’s coaches to a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings, such as tugboats.

In addition to health coaching, Provant offers digital sleep therapy via its advanced platform. Through Provant’s well-being platform, companies can provide individuals with secure 24/7 access to expert sleep assessment and assistance.

Sleep coaching and digital sleep therapy are valuable and effective ways to help people attain better health, achieve high performance in their work and personal lives, and lower healthcare costs.

Provant’s innovative well-being services build dual bottom line success: They help employers achieve business goals while helping individuals achieve their own personal total health goals.

Companies can learn more about how to help their workforce improve their sleep and other lifestyle behaviors, and decrease health risks, can learn more by contacting Provant at


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Provant, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hooper Holmes, Inc. is a leader in comprehensive workplace wellbeing solutions with a growing, global presence. Provant partners with employers and brokers to improve member health and productivity and support healthcare cost management. Provant touches millions of lives by delivering customized well-being strategies and services on-site, telephonically and digitally, utilizing advanced data management technology. 

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