Provant CEO Presents at HEROForum16 September 27

East Greenwich, RI - Provant announced today that Provant CEO Heather Provino, M.S., is presenting on the topic of advancing from wellness to well-being in the workplace, at the HEROForum16, which is being held September 27 to 29 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Provino is co-presenting with Chayla Harris Gaines, Ph.D., communications and wellness specialist at CSM Bakery Solutions, on The Right Ingredients for Workplace Well-Being on September 27, 2016.

Provino and Gaines will discuss the power of purpose, meaningful work, and mindfulness; social connectivity and the use of social media; economic security and promoting financial well-being; weight management, movement, nutrition; resiliency; and tobacco cessation and drug prevention.

More than 500 employers, employee health and well-being providers, wellness industry professional organizations, and research experts are expected to attend the HERO Forum.

“At Provant, we have long recognized that physical, emotional, social, and financial health are interconnected. Because employees bring their entire selves to work, we know that concerns in any of these areas impact the other areas of whole-person health,” said Heather Provino, Provant CEO. ”Our experience in working with millions of employees over the past 15 years has shown that rate of positive, sustainable behavior change increases when individuals’ total health risks are addressed through personalized programming."

"The commitment to workforce well-being by Chayla Harris Gaines, PhD, communications and wellness specialist ,and the executive team at CSM Bakery Solutions Companies demonstrates their appreciation of the importance of well-being. CSM Bakery Solutions  is truly on the forefront of this important trend. I am delighted to co-present with Chayla Harris Gaines from CSM Bakery Solutions, and share our experience and best practices with HERO’s forward-thinking attendees,” continued Provino.

“The HERO Forum is a thought-provoking venue where innovative companies and well-being experts discuss recent innovations, breakthrough research, and real-life experiences in the evolving field of workplace health and well-being,” said Paul Terry, president and CEO of HERO. “Whether it’s analyzing the impact of workplace well-being, discussing measurement and value on investment, or learning about the shift from wellness to well-being, the Forum is an event that encourages business leaders to embrace and act on the leadership role they play in the health of their employees, families, and communities.”

For information on transforming your wellness program into a successful, customized well-being solution, please contact Provant. 

About Provant
Founded in 2001, Provant's vision is to change the health of America, one person at a time. With its network of 13,000+ employees nationwide, Provant delivers customized worksite health and well-being strategies and services. Provant is a privately held company headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.                                                 

About HERO
Based in Edina, Minnesota, the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation established in 1996. HERO is dedicated to identifying and sharing best practices that improve the health and well-being of workers, their spouses, dependents, and retirees.East Greenwich, RI, 

Kat Smith