Provant Adds Optisom’s Digital Sleep Programming to its Well-Being Platform

East Greenwich, RI - Workplace well-being leader Provant today welcomes Optisom as a partner on Provant’s advanced platform for whole-person health solutions.

This partnership enables employers to offer workers personalized, evidence-based help for their sleep problems.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), good sleep plays a key role in healthy lifestyles. Conversely, insufficient sleep can lead to health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease; depression, reduced safety, and decreased productivity.

A Harvard Medical School study of more than 10,000 workers in the U.S. found that one in five employees suffers from persistent sleep problems. Additionally, the study discovered that on average, every year, poor sleepers lose 11.3 days of productive work time, cost employers $2,280 per employee in lost productivity, and comprise 24 percent of the costs of workplace accidents.

Partnering with Optisom allows Provant to offer companies convenient, research-supported therapy for better sleep to employees, without prescribed or over-the-counter medicine, via mobile app or web. Employees can easily and securely access Optisom’s services via Provant’s platform, 24/7.

Optisom’s digital programming addresses sleep deprivation through cognitive behavioral therapy, a science-based approach that uses realistic strategies to help people change the way they think and act. Individuals learn a range of techniques, tailored to their needs, to improve their sleep.

 “We are delighted to add Optisom to our best-in-class digital partners. This additionenables employers to help workers improve their sleep and total well-being, and reduce the emotional, social, and physical health risks associated with lack of sleep,” said Heather Provino, Provant CEO. “When employees are well rested, they perform at a higher level and lead more fulfilling lives at work, at home and in the community.”

"The health, safety, and productivity of the workforce all depend on adequate sleep. It’s the foundation upon which well-being can be achieved. Efforts at weight loss and exercise are much more likely to be successful if accompanied by good quality sleep," says Dominic Munafo, M.D., Optisom CMO. "We are pleased to join Provant in their mission to improve the well-being of people across the U.S."

For information on transforming your wellness program into a successful, customized well-being solution, please contact Provant.

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