Educate & Inspire Your Employees


When people have help with their goals, they achieve them.


Our health coaching program offers multiple options to reach your participants and provide a personalized coaching experience. Our network of dedicated health coaching professionals inspire your employees to be their best selves—and your best workers. 

Based on biometric screening results, health assessment answers, and initial conversations about needs and interests, employees and their health coach create an individual, personalized care plan. For some participants, this will be our healthy lifestyle program that can address a variety of topics; others will benefit most from our condition-specific coaching that focus on common conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or asthma.

Crafting this customized plan gets buy-in from participants, who are excited to work on their own goals, and have a health coach to help them along the way. 

Participants work with the same health coach for the life of the program. This relationship and continuity keeps employees engaged in the program and accountable every step of the way. 

Plus, our health coaches are fully integrated with your entire wellness program. They can recommend the workshops, specialty partners, and other resources and benefits that support the participant’s individual care plan and health goals. 


Health Education


Online and hands-on learning on dozens of topics.

We offer as many ways to learn as there are styles of learning. 

  • Hands-on learners might enjoy a healthy cooking demonstration (complete with samples!). 

  • Workers might swing by an interactive station for a 10-minute break. 
  • Live or recorded webinars reach even the busiest travelers.

The topics, modalities, and inspirations are endless.

All programs are delivered by Provant Health’s own experienced health educators: experts whose contagious excitement and knowledge helps drive their topics home. 

Health education programs are excellent stand-alone engagement opportunities or sync with our ongoing health coaching program to address common themes or concerns. 

Health Advocacy


Offer your employees a clear way forward in navigating benefits. 


With a simple phone call, your employees save time, money, and stress, by letting our advocates handle the burden of navigating insurance billing, claims, referrals, errors, and other headaches.

Advocates receive all the appropriate permissions and releases, then are free to resolve billing errors, investigate treatment options, recommend centers of excellent, recommend available company-sponsored benefits, and more.