Some health risks may not have outward signs; our corporate biometric screening programs, available at your worksites and remotely, show your employees what's inside.  

what is a corporate biometric screening

Health conditions—such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol—often having no or vague outward symptoms. It's critical your employees get screened so that they are identified and addressed as soon as possible.

Our biometric screening programs empower your employees to know their numbers, understand what they mean, and how their daily habits impact their health.

We offer multiple workplace and remote biometric screening options, making it easy and convenient for your participants to know and understand their health. 


Quick, confidential corporate biometric screenings, offered at your locations and coupled with health coach-driven counseling, provides employees get critical health information without taking too much time out of their busy work days. 

Our biometric screenings are delivered by knowledgeable, friendly, and caring health professionals that make your participants feel at ease and taken care of. Our network of 13,000 health professionals—and the consistency, proficiency, and coverage they provide—is unmatched. 

corporate workplace screening are convenient and fast

On-site biometric screenings are available 365, 24/7. 
We're ready when you are. 

Our proprietary technology seamlessly connects your members with their results and health action items—making it easy to inspire them to improve their health and well-being. 

We make the experience simple for you, too. 

We help you select the best onsite biometric screening options for your population, then we handle the planning and logistics, all at one inclusive price. There are no surprises or hidden fees. 


         1,600+ lab locations

        1,600+ lab locations

        healthcare provider

       healthcare provider

                5,200+ retail       pharmacy locations

               5,200+ retail
      pharmacy locations

                      at home

                     at home

Not all your employees are in one place. 

Small branches, traveling staff, even PTO: workplace biometric screenings aren't the most convenient option for every employee. We offer options to connect with a healthcare provider, visit more than 1,750 lab and 5,200 retail pharmacy locations, or even perform a simple at-home screening. Your employees are never far from the biometric screening they need. 


health coaching after corporate biometric screening

Numbers don't always inspire. But people do. 

Learning that their cholesterol or blood pressure result is not optimal, but not being clear on the next step, leaves participants dissatisfied and disengaged.

A 10-minute post-screening informational session with one of our professional health coaches leaves your participants excited for the next steps of your workplace well-being program—and for improving their health. They'll also be invited to enroll in our ongoing health coaching program and continue their momentum. 

To learn more about Provant Health's corporate biometric screenings, or our total health and well-being program offering, contact us today