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Capable Impactful Motivational Well-Organized Flexible Increased Participation Healthier Employees Lower Rising Healthcare Costs Employees Find They are Healthier Customer Service Very Nice and Reassuring


"Over the years, we have had companies that were not as organized, professional or capable as Provant … the professionalism and amazing job that Provant professionals do has really driven the success of [our flu shot] events on site." — HR Benefits Director, Global Financial Services Company , 200,000+ employees


"I told the Provant staff at last year's health screening about my 100 pound weight loss - over 18 months - and they encouraged me to start exercising. I joined a health club; it took 90 minutes to walk a half mile with frequent stops. I lost the second hundred pounds in 7 months and now walk 2 miles a day, 6 days a week. I'm able to enjoy everyday activities like playing with my grandchildren, grocery shopping and sitting in a restaurant booth - things I haven't been able to do in a long time. I appreciate my company's wellness program and use our wellness portal as a constant source of motivation, and for eating tips and exercise pointers." — Security officer, Energy company


"I have to say that initially I wasn't thrilled about having to reach a lower level of cholesterol in order to get my health insurance premium lowered. But I followed my health coach's plan and got my cholesterol to a lower range. I feel better, have more energy, and I intend keep a healthy cholesterol." — Participant, Energy company


"In addition to the kind words from one of our employees about Provant's Customer Service, I must commend the Provant Screening Team that came to Fairfax, VA today. Nicole (Team Lead) was incredibly efficient and helpful to our employees as was the very kind woman manning the registration table. Several employees sought me out to say how ‘well organized’ the event was, what an ‘easy experience this was for them’, ‘the flow was just right – in, out and done fast’, and ‘the health coaches were helpful without being overbearing’. All in all an excellent event!" — Senior Benefits Analyst, Defense Company


"In addition to Provant's onsite screening team being professional and efficient, they were very flexible. We had quite a few employees who didn't sign up for the event but did want to get screened. The Provant team accommodated these 'walk-ins' pleasantly and promptly. First impressions are lasting, so we're off to a good start!" — Benefits Director, Manufacturer

Increased Participation

"Site participation has tripled for the Flu Shot clinic, Wellness Checks and other services hosted by Provant … our average participation site wide has climbed to 76%!" — Global Financial Services Company

Healthier Employees Lower Rising Healthcare Costs

"With Provant's help, we've seen a reduction in our population's overall level of obesity. That decrease has meant that the rate of increase in our insurance costs has slowed significantly. This year's increase was nearly half what it was last year." —

Employees Find They are Healthier

"As I talked to employees walking into the screening area, most of them said they had been trying to improve their numbers from last year. I was glad to hear, directly from the employees, that they cared about being healthier. We're in our second year with Provant and we are expanding the number of programs that we provide to our workers." — Wellness Manager , Construction company

Customer Service Very Nice and Reassuring

"Wanted to let you know I called customer service (VERY nice by the way). She assured me that if I have changed my name through GD (which I have) then it will eventually feed to them and they will change it. She did say it would be okay to send my biometrics in even though the name is different, as they use unique identifiers to match. Thank you so much!" — Employee, Defense Company

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Provant workplace wellness programs improve employee health and productivity, while reducing healthcare costs for employers. We build Cultures of Health!