Case Studies and White Papers

We reduce the health risks of hundreds of thousands of employees each year, and we monitor and report this progress to all appropriate people involved. Improving the health of even one employee translates into hard dollars saved on health care - real ROI - for both the employee and their employer.  Here are a few highlights of how we moved the dial and made a difference. 

Case Study: Distributor implements wellness program with incentives

As an investment in its employees, and to enhance its mission of organizational sustainability, a large distributor decided to implement an employee health program. Read more »

White Paper: Incentive Plans - Driving Participation in Wellness Programs

To curb their rising healthcare costs, many companies have turned to well-being programs. To drive participation and to reward positive health behavior changes, a growing number of companies offer incentives to employees who take part in the activities. Read more »

White Paper: Wellness programs can strengthen the culture of health and competitive positioning of higher ed institutions

The future of America’s strength depends upon the skills of the faculty and staff in higher education who teach and impact “tomorrow’s leaders”. Now, more than ever, the health and well-being of faculty and staff are mission critical. As a national health and wellness solutions company that powers health navigation, Provant Health Solutions provides wellness programs to over 1,000 employer clients, 17% of which represent schools, colleges, and universities. Read more »

White Paper: Using BMI and Waist Circumference to Assess Obesity

In the recent past, weight ranges for a given height were used to measure health risk. Body mass index (BMI) became a better screen for unhealthy weight and obesity. It now is understood that the distribution of body fat, central vs peripheral (apple vs pear) identifies risks for early heart disease, and death beyond BMI alone. Read more »

White Paper: Finger Stick vs Venipuncture for Blood Draws - Wellness Best Practices

The essential goal in any prevention strategy is to establish the desired endpoint and decide on the most effective and efficient means to reach it. Read more »

Case study: Municipality Finds a Strategic Partner Who Understands its Healthcare Goals

A municipality in the South that had offered wellness programs for several years was looking for a new wellness provider to assist them in administering a comprehensive health improvement program, designing a meaningful incentive program, and becoming a long-term strategic partner. Read more »
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Provant offers workplace wellness programs that reduce company HealthCare Costs and lower the health risks of hundreds of thousands of employees each year. Improving employee health translates into increased employee productivity and greater ROI on health care investment.