Convenient Onsite and Offsite Flu Immunization Program Options

Our corporate flu clinics provide a safe, effective, flexible, and convenient way to administer flu vaccinations to your employees. In addition to onsite flu vaccination clinics, convenient flu "shot" options are offered for those who aren't able to attend onsite flu clinics. 
Combination flu clinic-and-biometric screening programs are also available. Call Caitln Izzo to learn about this special option: 877-346-6696 or 401-336-2827.

Your Provant team works closely with your internal staff  to handle all the details — setting participation goals, promotion, registration, setup, and clean-up.

Provant exclusively handles the care, custody,  control of all vaccines and supplies, and disposal of all materials, including hazardous materials. 

Why is hosting an employee flu clinic important to your company’s business goals?

  • Every year, 5 to 20% of Americans will get the flu, resulting in lost days of work and disrupted productivity.
  • Average sick time for an employee with the flu is 4 days; nationally as many as 70 million work days are missed due to the flu.
  • Immunized adults have a demonstrated reduction in lost work days and doctor visits.
  • Companies pay more than $9.45 billion in paid sick leave, and over $5 billion in lost productivity.

A healthy and productive workforce is critical to the success of any business — and the flu can have a negative impact on your bottom line. Clearly, a seasonal flu clinic can be an effective and efficient way to save on direct and indirect costs.

We offer remote flu vaccination options to ensure that those who cannot attend an onsite employee flu clinic can receive their flu vaccination.

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You may already offer biometric screenings and annual flu clinics to your employees. Provant offers special combination onsite flu clinics and biometric screenings. Call us at 877-346-6696 or 401-336-2827 for information on this exceptional value 

"We are very happy with our employee flu clinics and offsite flu services from Provant, and will be signing up with Provant again next year." 
Manufacturing client, 500 employees

Provant offers onsite flu immunization clinics across all company shifts. And, for employees who can't attend the clinics, Provant offers convenient offsite flu vaccination options.

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Provant's onsite flu clinics for employees provide a safe, effective, flexible, and convenient way to administer flu vaccinations to your employees.