Incentive Program Management

Our Incentive Program Management allows your workplace well-being team to focus on your employees, not administrative tasks.

Provant provides workplace wellness programs, health screenings, employee wellness programs, flu shot clinics, health assessments and health coaching. We partner with companies to create Cultures of Health, increase employee wellness and productivity, reducing healthcare costs.

We work with your company and wellness program administrators to develop an incentive strategy that works best for your unique employee population. Then we actively manage every aspect of incentive program administration — so you don’t have to. You benefit from worry-free implementation and tracking because we take care of:

  • Flexible Incentive and Rewards Programs
  • ERISA and DOL Program Design and Legal Compliance
  • Communications Support and Legal Compliance
  • Co-Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Complete Appeals Management
  • Reasonable Alternatives Management
  • Data Tracking and Data Coordination with Third Parties
  • Outcomes Reporting

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Incentive Program Management | Provant | Workplace Wellness
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Provant's Incentive Program Management for workplace wellness programs allows your workplace wellness team to focus on your employees, not administrative tasks.