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Provant's advanced Health and Well-Being Portal is part of our sophisticated technology platform, and delivers many of our programs, including health assessment, incentive management and fulfillment, workshops, trackers, customized company news and information, health library, and friendly company challenges.
Our portal provides participants with 24/7 access to a wide variety of self-directed tools, educational materials, health logs, incentive trackers, and other helpful resources — all designed to personalize the participant experience and engage and inspire them as they work toward better health and well-being.
Our portal also automatically uploads biometric screening results and hosts the Health Assessment.
When the full power of the portal is included in your workplace well-being program, content is personalized to match each employee’s current health profile and goals.

Our Health and Well-Being Portal includes

  • Personal Health Profile
  • Personalized Health Action Plan
  • Meal and Exercise Planners
  • Food, Hydration, Sleep, Steps, Fruits and Vegetables, Activity Minutes logs
  • Incentives Milestones and Tracking
  • Well-Being Workshops
  • Exercise, Walking, Healthy Eating, and Weight Loss Company Challenges
  • And much more

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Provant Health and Wellness Portal is the web-based platform for the delivery of many of our Worksite Wellness programs, including workshops, trackers, health news and library, and company challenges.