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Provant’s whole-person approach integrates health coaches, health advocates, and well-being professionals into a single team that connects your employees to the right resources at the right time.

Provant Health provides workplace wellness programs, health screenings, employee wellness programs, flu shot clinics, health assessments and health coaching. We partner with companies to create Cultures of Health, increase employee wellness and productivity, reducing healthcare costs.Our experienced health coaches include registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, nurses, and other experienced health professionals. They support your participants who are working to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Various levels of coaching involvement are available, and they can be delivered onsite, online, or over the phone, so we can reach participants in whatever ways work best with your company culture. We can even arrange multiple methods of contact as a means to improve outcomes.

Our health advocates also support your participants by answering benefit and health questions for your employees and their families. Every hour our advocates spend on your participant’s behalf are hours that your employees are off the phone and focused on their work.

Health coaching is critical in improving your organization’s health profile. Coaching pays its greatest dividends with those employees who have the highest risk factors and who are most costly to your health insurance premiums. By segmenting your population and customizing each individual’s health coaching, we align our services with your business goals for a culture of health.

Our health coaching services include:

  • Development of a personalized wellness program for each employee
  • Education, support, and guidance with behavior changes necessary to address lifestyle choices and disease and condition management
  • Advice on how to access current health insurance benefits that provide services and payment through existing employer-sponsored coverage

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Talk with us today about how health coaching can help improve the health of your moderate and high risk employees, and help your low-risk employees maintain good health.

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Provant's Health Coaching services for workplace wellness programs integrates our health advocates, health coaches, and wellness professionals into a single team that connects your company's wellness program participants to the right resources at the right time.