Health Assessment

Our Health Assessment is an evidence-based method of gathering and analyzing information needed to build a company’s culture of health.

On an individual level, it’s a tool used to create a personal health profile that can empower your employees to be proactive about their own well-being. On a collective level, the data offers valuable information that helps determine how to effectively build your organization’s culture of health.

  • Our health assessment is a survey that asks  lifestyle- and behavior-related questions addressing issues such as activity levels, eating habits, lifestyle concerns, preventive health, and more.
  • Each participant’s answers help us tailor his or her personalized health action plan, and help us with risk stratification to build a program that addresses your specific population's risks.
  • The questionnaire is available online or in printed form, and the results can be combined with the data collected through a biometric screening to build a complete health profile for each individual.

    Find out more about our health assessments and how they can help build an effective workplace well-being program for your workforce by calling us at 877.346.6696 or filling out the form below.

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Health Assessment for Workplace Wellness Programs | Provant
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Provant's Health Assessment is a convenient and effective method of collecting the information needed to build a company’s culture of health through our customized Worksite Wellness programs.