Consulting Services

In addition to our employee-focused programs that encourage healthier lifestyles, we offer consulting services to help your company make the most of the workplace well-being program that you implement.

Your organization can take full advantage of our expertise  in building cultures of health. We know that, while change happens incrementally, some changes deliver more impact, more quickly, than others. Our senior team draws on their deep experience to identify the components that will deliver the best results for you. Here are a few ways we can help you address your health and wellness goals for your company.

  • Evaluate your program and goals, workforce health risks, incentive design, and overall business strategy for alignment and effectiveness.
  • Assess the compliance of your incentive design with all federal and state regulations, including HIPAA, GINA, ADA, and HITECH.
  • Review health risk data and analyze of medical and pharmacy claims to identify areas where a workplace well-being plan can have the most significant impact on your employees’ health and your company’s bottom line.
  • Design a customized workplace well-being solution that addresses personal and aggregate health risks, company goals, andbudget requirements.
  • Create a long-term strategy to incrementally build a culture of health that helps your employees be their best selves — and in turn, better contributors at work — and help control healthcare costs for your company.
  • Recommend strategies that ensure maximum engagement from your employees, and benefit them as individuals and benefit your company.

Learn more about our consulting services by contacting us today: or 877.346.6696.

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Consulting Services for Workplace Wellness Programs | Provant
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Provant's consulting services help your company make the most of its customized workplace wellness program to reduce healthcare costs, as well as increase employee wellness and productivity.