Sleep coaches are increasing productivity in workplaces.

Inc. | Elisa Boxer | Bosses Are Finding That Sleep is Good For Business--And They're Hiring Coaches to Make it Happen

Society is skimping on sleep and it's backfiring, say the pros. Here are their top tips for getting more shut-eye.

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Is more sleep better for your health than a workout?

Elite Daily | Kelsey Down | Sleep Is the Most Effortless Workout You Can Do – And It Actually Counts

That's how I stumbled on one fitness routine so easy, you can do it in your sleep. And, yes, I am literally talking about sleep.

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Can improved wellness decrease asthma symptoms?

Science Daily | European Lung Foundation | Asthma symptoms can be improved by diet and exercise in non-obese patients

Non-obese people with asthma could reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life through diet and exercise, according to research presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2017.

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Are employees’ financial unwellness costing their companies?

Forbes | Ashley Feinstein Gerstley | What Employees' Financial Unwellness Is Costing Their Companies.

If we’re financially well, we’re more equipped to handle unanticipated events and their costs. It makes sense that financial wellness would make a big impact on our performance at work.

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What changes are Millennials driving to workspaces?

Forbes | Jon Norris | New Workplace Design Trends Promote Well-Being, Collaboration And Flexibility

The office cubicle will never be the same. With Millennials set to make up half of the global workforce by 2020, they are driving interest in less conventional workplaces that offer flexible furniture and more space for collaboration — with nary a cubicle in sight.

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Just 10 minutes = more creativity.

Harvard Business Review | Emma Schootstra & Dirk Deichmann & Evgenia Dolgova | Can 10 Minutes of Meditation Make You More Creative?

In more and more occupations, creativity is part of the job description. Whether you are trying to reconcile conflicting stakeholder priorities, finding a solution to a customer’s issue, or launching a new product line, your solution probably won’t come out of a textbook. But it’s hard to keep having great ideas day after day. What do you do when you run out of good ideas? How do you “get your mojo back”?

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What is the key word for lasting weight loss?

Forbes | Bruce Y. Lee | Want To Lose Weight? Be Consistent, Don't Yo-Yo, Study Says

Anybody who's been in a yo-yo relationship will tell you that it can be terrible. I'm not talking about a relationship in which you just play with yo-yo's (which would be weird but fascinating) but instead one in which the other person is inconsistent in what he or she says and does. You just don't know what that person really wants and cannot plan for the future in any way.

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Better sleep can lead to strengthened relationships among colleagues.

Harvard Business Review | Cristiano Guarana & Christopher M. Barnes | Research: Sleep Deprivation Can Make It Harder to Stay Calm at Work

In this post, we discuss a newly uncovered predictor of the quality of these [manager-employee] relationships: sleep.

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What is an important requirement for successful wellness programs?

Bloomberg Law | Martin Berman-Gorvine | Successful Wellness Programs Require Well-Defined Goals

Employers must carefully delimit exactly what they hope to accomplish by offering employees a wellness program to ensure success, consultants say.

‘‘Define your goals, know what success would look like, and define the program from there,’’ Kate Kennedy, vice president of client management at East Greenwich, R.I.-based workplace wellness program company Provant, told Bloomberg BNA Aug. 9.

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14 Well-Being Boosts You Never Thought Of Before

Forbes | Forbes Coaches Council | 14 Employee Well-Being Initiatives That Will Boost Engagement And Productivity

A growing number of U.S. businesses are shifting focus from employee wellness programs to well-being initiatives — more comprehensive health and productivity programs that tackle elements such as the workforce’s emotional and mental health, social connectivity, financial education, sense of fulfillment on the job, and many other aspects.

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The intersection of money, stress, and productivity.

HR Technologist | Rhucha Kulkarni | Financial Wellness is Key to Employee Productivity

Considered to be a critical benefit that can have a distinct positive impact, employee wellness is generally thought of in terms of physical wellness, emotional / mental wellness, financial wellness and spiritual wellness. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference also saw much attention being focused on the financial wellness domain, because finances are often a leading stressor for most employees.

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How to make your wellness program fun and exciting? Technology can help.

HR Technologist | Rhucha Kulkarni | Technology Ushers in a New Wellness Era

There is a huge trend in enhancing employee wellness, be it physical, emotional or even spiritual health. Organizations have realized that a healthy and happy employee is an indispensable asset—someone who performs well and is likely to contribute for the long term.

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What vaccine is the CDC recommending for 2017-2018 flu?

CDC | Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report | Composition of the 2017–18 Influenza Vaccine

The Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biologic Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) has recommended that the 2017–18 influenza trivalent vaccine to be used in the United States contain an A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus, an A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2)-like virus, and a B/Brisbane/60/2008-like (B/Victoria lineage) virus.

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Are your employees doing these three things? They should.

INC. | Marcel Schwantes | 3 Workplace Habits of Happy and Engaged Employees, According to Research

An increasing body of evidence from positive psychology experts the likes of Richard Davidson, Shawn Achor, Barbara Frederickson and others confirm a simple fact: Happy people are better workers. And that translates to good business outcomes.

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