Our health education makes it easy to attend, learn, and improve.

We offer as many ways to learn as there are styles of learning. 

Hands-on learners might enjoy a healthy cooking demonstration (complete with samples!). 

Workers might swing by an interactive station for a 10-minute break. 

Live or recorded webinars reach even the busiest travelers.

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The topics, modalities, and inspirations are endless.

All programs are delivered by Provant’s own experienced health educators: experts whose contagious excitement and knowledge helps drive their topics home. 

Health Advocacy


Your members save time, money, and stress.

Let our advocates handle the burden of navigating insurance billing, claims, referrals, errors, and other headaches.

Advocates receive all the appropriate permissions and releases, then are free to resolve billing errors, investigate treatment options, recommend centers of excellent, recommend available company-sponsored benefits, and more.