Our case studies, white papers, and testimonials convey the value Provant brings to your company and your members. 


Case Studies & White Papers

Improving the health of even one employee translates into hard dollars saved on health care - real ROI - for both the employee and their employer. Here are a few highlights of how we moved the dial and made a difference. 

Municipality Finds a Strategic Partner Who Understands its Healthcare Goals

Case study: Municipality that had offered wellness programs for several years was looking for a new wellness provider to assist them as a strategic partner for their comprehensive program. 

Employee Health Significantly Impacts Productivity

White Paper: According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, poor health and the associated losses in productivity in the workplace cost U.S. employers an estimated $576 billion a year. 


Using Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference to Assess Obesity

White Paper: It now is understood that the distribution of body fat, central vs peripheral (apple vs pear) identifies risks for early heart disease, and death beyond BMI alone. 

Finger Stick vs. Venipuncture
Blood Draws: Best Practices

White Paper: The essential goal in any prevention strategy is to establish the desired endpoint and decide on the most effective and efficient means to reach it. 


With Provant’s help, we’ve seen a reduction in our population’s overall level of obesity. That decrease has meant that the rate of increase in our insurance costs has slowed significantly. This year’s increase was nearly half what it was last year.

"I have to say that initially I wasn’t thrilled about having to reach a lower level of cholesterol in order to get my health insurance premium lowered. But I followed my health coach’s plan and got my cholesterol to a lower range. I feel better, have more energy, and I intend keep a healthy cholesterol."

“Really like this motivation -- hope you can do it again. I like that there is a timeline to do it. I did get out even for a 20 minute walk on days I didn’t want to because I wanted to log in something. Thanks for this interactive opportunity.”

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"Since tracking my exercise with the portal, it has really brought to light the impact exercise can make every day. This, coupled with my work with the on-site health coach, has changed my thinking about how to approach weight loss and overall health and wellness. I lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks by making maybe one or two changes in my dietary routine (specifically, making dinner the smallest meal of the day). I have the most hectic schedule and find I’m never home so planning my meals each day can be a challenge, but the resources were just the aid I needed. Sometimes, a small adjustment can make all the difference in the world."

“Prior to registering for the Win-Win Weight Loss Challenge, my weight had peaked at 245 pounds. My total weight loss during the challenge was 23 pounds; but I have lost over 30 pounds since my initial Wellness Day appointment and have gone from a size 42 inch waist to a size 36 inch.  I am continuing my journey to reclaim a more healthy and active lifestyle, and have set a goal of losing another 30 pounds. Thanks for initiating the Win-Win Weight Loss Challenge!  While it wasn’t my only motivation, the computer-aided tracking of my weight loss progress helped me to stay motivated!  Thanks, again!”

"Kudos to the team that performed my biometric screening at the Pico Rivera location! They conducted themselves professionally, efficiently, and courteously. I would dare to say I even had fun having my blood drawn."

“The staff was INCREDIBLE! They were not only informative and highly professional. They were personable and went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great experience.”