Quality Measures

Quality management is central to our success.

To partner with our clients in building successful cultures of health, we ensure that we deliver exceptional quality in every aspect of our work.

  • SIX SIGMA STANDARDS   Six Sigma management principles are the core of our quality management program. Our commitment to “zero defects” guarantees that we deliver what we promise, and that clients and their employees see the results they expect.
  • 92.0% PARTICIPANT SATISFACTION RATING   At milestones throughout the process, we distribute satisfaction surveys to program participants. Results are collected, analyzed, and trended. If an unsatisfactory rating emerges, the cause is immediately addressed. It helps us maintain a participant satisfaction rating of 92.0%. Of course, we are continuously striving for 100%.
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Provant Quality Measures are central to our success. We adhere to Six Sigma Standards to ensure the highest quality and most effective Worksite Wellness Programs.